Three Ideas For My Semester Project Friday, Jan 30 2009 

My three ideas for my semester project are:

WMJF Towson:

My idea is to do my project on the student run and produced television station WMJF. The station is an MTV 2 affiliate and is creates its own original programming with funding from the SGA. I believe that it would be interesting to do a story on them because not many people think about what goes on behind the scenes of the student run station. Most people complain about the choices of music videos, but I think its time for these guys to be heard.

The Arts of Towson: I could go to the center of the arts and see what goes on in getting a production off the ground;whether it be the musicals, concerts, or any other shows.

Another option is simular to this: Center Stage in Baltimore is known for putting on shows and having diverse guest speakers. I think it would be interesting to talk to people involved and get their opinions on what it is like working there. The only reason I can think of that would prevent me from doing this project is that my sister interns in their public relations department

Another option is to look at the goings on of the health care systems provided to thos who go to Towson. Not just Dowel Health, but also St. Joseph’s medical center


Interesting Stories for Critiquing Tuesday, Jan 27 2009 

The three stories I am interested in Critiquing are And A Song Shall Carry Them Home, Stoves For Guatemala, and My Lobotomy.

And A Song Shall Carry Them Home is interesting because of the detail in which it examins the situation the brothers go through to get money and return to their family. It makes use of dozens of photos that almost feel like a step-by-step play of what the brothers are going through. I also like the video because it feels like an authentic documentary. A lot of time and work went into creating this site.

Stoves For Guatemala is also an interesting multimedia project because it gives a very in depth look into something that you don’t think is very complex. I does so by looking at the reason behind the stoves (why they are important), showing the viewer how the stoves work through use of a step by step diagram, and also using a slideshow accompanied by audio to give a personal aspect to the story.

I find the story My Lobotomy to be the most interesting of these stories since it deals with the examination of a now illegal medical procedure from the perspective of an individual who had it done and also the procedure’s creator’s friends and family. What I don’t like about this page though is that it feels the least organized out of all the others. Most of the supplementary material has to be scrolled down to while on the other pages it is right before the viewer at the top of the page.