I liked this article because it presented me with an interesting subject to base my story on. The way a person interprets a story is a reflection of who they are. By looking at this, I have a good idea of what to ask my sources: how they feel that the art forms they take part in have impacted them.
I like how this article gives an overview of the book by giving examples from different essays, such as “Dude, When did Pink Floyd Write a Soundtrack to the Wizard of OZ,” which examines how many people believe that Dark Side Of The Moon matches the story of the Wizard of Oz and that parts of the movie actually keep time with the song. The article proposes that this belief of similarities between the two is due to people only looking at it from their own perspective.
Likewise, other articles observe that other people view the film as a story about feminism or slavery. From this, I believe I can talk to other people about other works of art and learn something about them from this.