For this reaction I listened to NPR sound clips, sound clips that are submitted by listeners along with a story about what the sound clip is. This is a double edged sword: on one side, you have the ability to find really interesting stories such as the Primate sancuary story, which engages the listener with an interesting story and sounds that are out of the ordinary.
On the other, you have the English organ story which is very boring by comparison. The story isn’t all that intriguing, basically the man is giving a lecture on how an organ works and where this particular organ was made. The sound clip is of someone playing a simple song on the organ, something that can be easily found on the internet and does not engage the reader very much.
It is good for a website to take submissions from its users and putting them online because it builds a community, something that holds every newsgroup together. While the organ story might not be the best example of user submitted content, it is still an example of NPR reaching out to its listeners and allowing them a try at decision making.