This week I spoke with Dylan Lee and Chad Schreiner about the films they entered in the 72 hour film project. My questions basically dealt with what they intended to do when they made their films and what they felt about the ones that one. Lee’s intent was to stand out by using his knowledge of stop-motion animation for “My Apartment.” The synopsis dealt with a man coming into conflict with an action figure who he shares his apartment with. The film went over well and won Best in Show. One film that Lee praised for being funny and though provoking was “My Best Friend,” which dealt with the emotional support that a young man gains from the memory of his deceased friend. Lee explained that he felt that the films that won did so because they were funny.
Schreiner directed the film “Saturday Afternoon,” which a number of people in the audience had trouble understanding. Schreiner explained that the film was meant to illustrate how conflicts can work out by showing three stories that all take place on a Saturday afternoon.