Report: Phil Seng and the 72-hour film festival Saturday, Mar 7 2009 

This week I contacted Philip Seng about the book he co-edited, The Wizard of Oz and Philosophy: Wicked Wisdom of the West about his feelings regarding the popular interpretation of art. He responded, saying:
“People view art, or anything, based on their own desires, interests, training and habits that condition how they perceive things. People’s perceptions of art become philosophical when their perceptions raise questions about the nature of art–What is it? How does it work? Why do I enjoy it?”
This information is good because it gives me an expert opinion to back up the basic premise of my story. I also scheduled to speak with some of the winners of the 72-hour film project in order to ask them what they intended for their films and the end result.


Reporting: Different Sources Saturday, Feb 28 2009 

I spoke with Benjamin Steinberg again about talking to the contestants of the 72-hour film project and he told me they were not comfortable speaking with me during the contest. I am going to speak with them next week at the presentation.
I also spoke with Diane Luchese about her views on art and how it effects people. This is going to appear in my first module.

Reporting: Attempts at Contact with 72-Hour Film Project Contestants Thursday, Feb 19 2009 

I spoke with Ben Steinberg again about speaking with the contestants in the 72-Hour Film Contest. I was hoping to follow around one of the groups during the contest so I can see how the stress of the contest treats them.

Steinberg Told me that he is going to check with contestants to see if any of them might be comfortable with me shadowing them, and told me he would get back to me later in the week.

I am currently looking for different art projects in the Baltimore Area to fill out my project.

Reporting: The 72-Hour Film Project Saturday, Feb 14 2009 

The University Residence Government (URG) and Lamba Kappa Tau of Towson University are hosting a film festival for all undergraduate students this February. The only catch is that the competitors will only have three days to complete their films.
On February 27, students competing will receive an email containing a line of dialogue, an object and an action phrase that must be in the finished film. All other aspects of the film are up to the students.
“ The concept came from similar film festivals being held in various towns and cities around the country. The 48 Hour Film Project is a competition that reaches 50 cities annually, one of the largest being held in the D.C. area,” URG director of resident advocacy Ben Steinberg said in a corresponding email.
“The videos will be created and submitted in the 72 hour span from Feb 27th at 5pm to March 2nd at 5pm. The following Friday, March 6th, the films will be Premiered in Stephens Hall Auditorium,” Steinberg said. “A panel of judges will award “Best in Show” while the audience will determine the “Viewer’s choice Award.” There will also be honorable mentions.
“I am looking to see both film and majors and non-film majors enter the competition. This event is open to anyone and everyone who has an interest in filmmaking,” Steinberg said. “Since the elements do not specify the type of film a student/team creates, I am expecting the unexpected. The great thing about a competition like this is that the creative potential is nearly limitless.”

Reporting: Towson Teacher Performs Organ Piece for Over 15 Hours Sunday, Feb 8 2009 

Diane Luchese performed John Cage’s piece Organ2/ASLSP over fifteen hours on Thursday, Feb. 5, in honor of the International Year of the Organ.

The performance took place in the Harold J. Kaplan Concert Hall at the Towson Center for the Arts.

“I don’t know if it’s a record, but I know that it is the longest performance by a single organist,” Luchese said.

Organ2/ASLSP is based off of Gerd Zacher’s ASLSP, which was written for the piano. Zacher suggested Cage adept it for the organ. Due to the fact that the organ can sustain notes indefinitely, the tempo can be considered as slow as possible.

According to Luchese, in a power-point presentation that was displayed while she played, for the eight sections and four pages of the piece, one inch of the text is played for six minutes. Luchese chose this length so that she could do the performance the whole time that students would be present at the Center for the Arts.

“When I first learned the piece, I had to start at a normal pace and learn to slow it down,” Luchese said. “This was about four and a half years ago.”

Luchese’s performance went over well with attendees. A guest book placed outside the entrance of the concert hall had several positive things to say.

“I found it very inspiring. It took me about two hours to start appreciating it, but I’m glad that I stuck it out,” freshman music major Rebecca Shavone. “I really like Luchese’s sense of humor, around 5 o’clock she played with the registrations a lot, just kind of messed around and had fun with it.”

Luchese decided she wanted to perform the piece after hearing about the John Cage Project, a group in Halberstadt, Germany who plans to perform the piece over the course of 639 years, with sandbags playing the role of the organist.

Three Ideas For My Semester Project Friday, Jan 30 2009 

My three ideas for my semester project are:

WMJF Towson:

My idea is to do my project on the student run and produced television station WMJF. The station is an MTV 2 affiliate and is creates its own original programming with funding from the SGA. I believe that it would be interesting to do a story on them because not many people think about what goes on behind the scenes of the student run station. Most people complain about the choices of music videos, but I think its time for these guys to be heard.

The Arts of Towson: I could go to the center of the arts and see what goes on in getting a production off the ground;whether it be the musicals, concerts, or any other shows.

Another option is simular to this: Center Stage in Baltimore is known for putting on shows and having diverse guest speakers. I think it would be interesting to talk to people involved and get their opinions on what it is like working there. The only reason I can think of that would prevent me from doing this project is that my sister interns in their public relations department

Another option is to look at the goings on of the health care systems provided to thos who go to Towson. Not just Dowel Health, but also St. Joseph’s medical center