Research Saturday, Mar 7 2009 

I saw this review of Watchmen and feel it exemplifies my project topic of everyone having a different view on art because it takes the time to look at the movie from a psychological standpoint. The article talks about the motivations of the characters Ozymendias and Rorschach and believes them to be polar opposite characters, and yet their motivations make them similar:
“The weirdly arch-conservative Rorschach patrols New York City’s mean streets like a deranged guardian angel, while Veidt’s abstruse liberalism makes him feel superior to those he would supposedly save. Rorschach believes in killing the guilty to save the innocent; Veidt believes it is acceptable to kill innocents to save others from the guilty.”
This is just one view of what the movie is really about but it shows just how a work of art can be interpreted.


Research: Wizard of OZ Friday, Feb 27 2009 

I liked this article because it presented me with an interesting subject to base my story on. The way a person interprets a story is a reflection of who they are. By looking at this, I have a good idea of what to ask my sources: how they feel that the art forms they take part in have impacted them.
I like how this article gives an overview of the book by giving examples from different essays, such as “Dude, When did Pink Floyd Write a Soundtrack to the Wizard of OZ,” which examines how many people believe that Dark Side Of The Moon matches the story of the Wizard of Oz and that parts of the movie actually keep time with the song. The article proposes that this belief of similarities between the two is due to people only looking at it from their own perspective.
Likewise, other articles observe that other people view the film as a story about feminism or slavery. From this, I believe I can talk to other people about other works of art and learn something about them from this.

Research: The Legacy Project Sunday, Feb 22 2009 

For research this week, I went looking for news stories that covered odd art projects. I found This Site, which directed me towards the Legacy project, a project to photograph an old air force base using the world’s largest camera (as of 2007). I think this is a pretty good blog post because it does a good job of giving the most necessary information along with a link to the official website.
It could of done better to talk to the people responsible for the picture, even if it was an email, but I believe that this blog’s job is just to inform the audience that this exists. If I had taken this story, I would have talked to the creators just for a small comment, and also the people who worked at the base to get their opinion on having their base immortalized in such a unique way.

Research: 15 Hours at the Organ Sunday, Feb 8 2009 

I was suprised to see that the Baltimore Sun did a piece on Diane Luchese’s performance of John Cage’s Organ2/ASLSP. I feel that it is a good article, focusing mostly on John Cage and who he is in the music world rather than just on the fact that Luchese is giving such a unique performance.

I like the quote at the very beginning, “Until I die, there will be sounds,” because it greatly reflects the music. I people I spoke with at the concert were very amazed at how the song sounded, the felt that the sound reverberated for such a long time that it stuck with them.

The piece also makes a point of making it clear that the performance of this song is unique in that it is very rare to be able to hear it performed to its full potential.

The article also went more in depth into Luchese’s trip to Germany, and her diet for the piece, something I wish I had gone more depth into.

Research Post On WMJF Monday, Feb 2 2009 

I think it will be interesting to see how WMJF is dealing with the new shift in media. When did they get their new website? How do they hope to tie it in with the shows?

Take for example this article from the Towerlight. The article does a good job of bringing attention to the station, which is difficult considering it is one of the lesser known student groups. The article does well to reflect that the group is subject to the whims of the administration and, in my opinion, is under appreciated compared to other outlets like the Towerlight. I believe it would be interesting to look at how the station deals with being so underappreciated. Do they have any events planned to gain more publicity. Another avenue to look into would be how the group goes about creating their original programming. So they have pitch sessions? Writing sessions? Where do they shoot? Do they have a reserve of actors or do they hire people on a needed basis?

I think it would be interesting to find out these things; particularly how they are affected by the student government and how they are related to the school as a whole.